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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by affende, Oct 8, 2003.

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    im trying to oc my AMD 1700+ but it just won't go :ugh: . when i bought it from newegg, the L1 bridge wasn't burned so i figured it was unlocked :) (i have also bough an unlocking kit to unlock it but that didn't work either). i can set the fsb on 200 w/ a mult. of 12.5 in BIOS, but i only get 1.667 ghz out of it. i can change the mult to get lower speeds, but it acts like the fsb is stuck at 133. i have also tried adding and subtracting voltage from the cpu but it won't budge abouve 1.667. it runs at about 32C after an hour of prime95 (got a coolermaster aero 7 lite). what the fuck is the deal. help!! :fawk: AMD
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    when did you get the chip? there's tons of different types of xp1700's on the market. The older ones won't overclock at all, while the later ones overclock like champs (i have mine running at 2.3ghz on air :eek3: )

    check out the overclocking forum over at they literally have hundreds of threads about overclocking 1700's.
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    i got it this summer, its a 1700+ thouroghbred core w/ 266 fsb only at stock..if i try any higher, it diverts to 133 fsb

    edit: thanx for the forum site, ill register and see what i can find.
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