Help with box design.....loudsystem??

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Turbo91MR2, Jan 8, 2002.

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    hey i just recently put an MTX 500 watt 10" sub behind my passenger side seat in my's currently being powered by a rockford fostgate 160 watt amp. Weak i know but it was pushes ok but it just doesn't hit as hard as i want it to...the box i made for it is a good size...the pass seat won't tilt back at all so they sit pretty high up small of a box could i get away with...right now i think the dimensions are 18in wide x 9in deep on the bottom x 6in deep on the top x somehting like 18 in tall....should i just get a bigger amp to get more punch out of it or what??
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    oh and btw i have a Pioneer 7200 50x4 head unit contolling it all....dunno if i hooked the sub up wrong but the controls for the sub don't really seem to change the sound at all, is there anything special i have to hook up or something??


    what model is the 10?
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    4 ohm thunder600 i think

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