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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by scarecrow, Mar 26, 2004.

  1. scarecrow

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    I am pretty new to the car systems, I am currently having problems with my car..... with my system on very low, my head lights dim alot and it feels as if my car is about to stall (from a lack of power). I have a civic and I dont have much room to put an optima battery in place of the HONDA battery and/or if I could just re-locate a yellow/red top to the trunck? I just bought an alternator for my car and am also looking to get a 1 farad cap. Also, with the caps... is there a better company to go with caps?? I was looking at a rockford cap and I have been seeing alot of the Stinger ones around.

    *any info would be VERY helpful

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  2. Danno

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    A cap isn't going to solve your problem. From what I've read a cap will only make it worse...might cure some of the dimming but will still put a damper on your electrical system.
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    You added a new alternator and are STILL having problems? I would double check your battery, it could be bad, causing excessive loading on the electrical system (thats not to say you need an optima though).

    Like dadadams said, you don't really need a cap unless you are using it to fix a diming headlights problem.

    Also check your wiring as well, and make sure everything is hooked up correctly.
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    What volt alternator is it? How much power are you pulling from it? Some people are trying tun 2500watts of audio equipement off a little 80volt alternator and it's just simply not going to work. Your alt. needs to be at least a 120volt alternator and the wire going from the alternator to the battery needs to be checked for corrosion on the ends. Check your battery terminals and clean them. If the battery terminals are bad get new terminals for your wires. (this helps tremendously) All contact points need to be in good shape and the battery needs to be keeping a good charge.

    Battery terminals = something like this
  5. 04

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    Mycophiles, modern cars typically have a system voltage of between 12 and 15 volts or so...

    None of the components are rated at 80 or 120 volts. Are you sure you aren't mixing volts and amperes up?
  6. scarecrow

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    I just picked up some teminals the other day (brass ones from Advanced Auto), I bought the alt. but havent installed it yet since it looks like it is going to be a chore to do. I wanted to take it to a shop that my buddy has to get it done.

    I took it to Advanced to have it checked out (battery/alt.), while the car is off it has 12.7 volts and while the car is running it only has about 1.7 amps. They charged the battery and said it was fine.

    *I am not sure what voltage my alt is tho...

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