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  1. so i recently received a 3rd harddrive for my computer from a recent trade with another OTer. my first 2 drives are connected to the IDE1 port on my mobo, master and slave.

    so if i'm reading my mobo manual correctly, i need to set this 3rd harddrive as a master on the IDE2 port? is there a seperate jumper on the hd for having a secondary master, or is it just using the original master jumper? (just a note, i dont use optical drives or anything else that requires IDE, so my 2nd ide port was freed up)

    also, my IDE2 port is not working (its enabled and everything in the bios, but my harddrive and opticals and stuff aren't being detected). i think it could be caused from accidentally removing a jumper on my mobo somewhere and putting it back in the wrong spot. :o i just want to know if this could be the possible reason for my IDE2 to not be working even though its enabled in the bios.

    thanks again guys :wavey:
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    what kind of mobo do you have?
  3. it's an abit bh7. it's not super old but it's a little outdated i guess.
  4. i got it figured out. the hd wasn't being detected because one of the pins in the port was slightly bent, so the cable wasn't seated properly, but its in there now.

    figured out the jumper combinations as well.

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