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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by watermouse, Sep 1, 2007.

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    I cant seem to figure this out at ALL.
    I have searched the web up and down and just cant seem to get this working.

    What I want to do:
    I would like to get all 3 of my computers to file share.
    Laptop - Windows Vista
    Desktop - Windows XP
    2nd Desktop - Windows XP

    Router - Linksys54g wrt

    Now, I have my modem connected to the router. And From the router I have the 2 desktops hardwired into the router and I run my laptop wirelessly.

    They all can connect to the internet no problem at all.

    I would like it so I can share files between all 3 computers.
    (Main reason is to unload my laptop files onto my desktop to clear up more room on the laptop.)

    I cant figure this shit out. I have tried a ton of shit.
    Can anyone guide me through the process on how to do this?

    thank you,
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    On the XPs go to the network setup wizzard in the control panel, and go through the wizard. call your network MShome or Workgroup, something easy. (you'll need to do it on both)

    once youve done that, assuming you dont have any third party firewalls in the way, you should be able map a network drive by opening my computer and clicking on tools then map network drive.

    Once youve got the it working between your 2 XP machines, then go onto you vista machine, and if you click on (my) computer it has the same map network drive button at the top (at least in my experience)

    I say do the Vista one last because it seems more inclined to work automatically on a working network than XP

    You can share any printer, folder, or entire drive you like by right clicking on it and going to sharing and giving the appropriate permissions
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    you skipped one step... don't forget to share some folders

    right click a folder you want to share, and go into the sharing options... just click on the checkbox stating "yes I understand the risks but I want to enable file sharing anyway"

    then you can map a network drive to that shared folder, or in any address bar you can type "\\computername" to pull up a list of shared folders on that computer

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