Help with girlfriend's laptop VISTA

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by tenplanescrashing, Sep 7, 2009.

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    Lenovo x61
    32-bit Vista Home Basic SP2
    C2D T8100 @ 2.10ghz
    2gb RAM
    69.6 HD capacity (57.3gb used, 12.3 free)

    Her computer has gotten slower and slower lately. She has a full version of McAfee running, which I think is part of it but she's had it installed since the day she got it. She also has the student version of Office 08 and that's about it.

    We also can't seem to find out where all 57.3gb of HD space are being used. Viewing the properties of each folder under C:/ shows a total of 31.67gb used. The remaining folders/files don't add up to anything more than 200mb. I tried downloading a system scanner that shows graphical representation of the hard drive's contents but it can't run because it needed a Java update. After running the update, it still won't work.

    I have ran CCleaner and it only cleaned up about 390mb of space. I ran HijackThis and "fixed/repaired" the 2 files it found.

    Here are some screenshots that only validate that 20gb are still unaccounted for:

    If anyone wants to take a look at the log file from HijackThis, here it is:
    Click here
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    System Restore takes up a shit ton of space on Vista. Turn it off or delete all but the most recent restore point.

    under disk cleanup.

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