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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Lani, Jun 26, 2007.

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    guzzle till the buzzer stops
    really not sure what im talkin bout here and not even sure if this is the right place but anyway....

    my mom is buying this -

    she is trying to get cables for it installed in the wall because the tv is in a section cut out of the wall above the fireplace

    she needs all possible connections that can go to the tv so she can get them all in the wall between the home theater equipment and the tv

    does anyone know what cables i need to get? i only know of the round cable tv stuff and the ones to hook up to a dvd player

    and where do we get cables from? they need to go to wall jacks on both sides....

    thanks :)
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    So you just want to know what cable(s) to run in the wall before the tv is mounted? Are you going to have a surround sound system as well or not? If not, I'd run all posible connections...both the hdmi's, 2 components(or however many there are) and one or two composites.

    If you are getting a surround sound setup, you only really need to run one or two cables at most. In that case I'd run an HDMI and a component. Then you can use your a/v receiver to switch all your video. The receiver just needs to be able to upconvert composite/component inputs through hdmi...or atleast component if you wanna cheap out on the receiver.

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