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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Guest, Jun 29, 2002.

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    I'm despirtly searching the web for some help with my new APS995.

    So, I decided to install it myself... first mistake. Nothing works... In fact, the only thing that works now is the valet feature. Well, I can get the led to light up anyway. When I first plugged in the alarm I did manage to set it off once. The parking lights flashed (and interior lights), siren went off, and horn beeped. It hasn't went off since. I cannot get it to go into any of the program modes. (which is very strange!) The unit does not appear to be responding to any remote signals.

    My car is a 98 Dodge Avenger. It's basically the same wiring that is in 2nd gen. eclipses. (same stock alarm) I made sure to cross reference and identify every wire that I needed to use before install. I double checked all my connections (except for the headlight relay, which I disabled for testing) The tach signal is perfect, all wires in the power harness check out exactly, and the ground is clean. Most things in my car are, if you check yourself, negative pulse. I did not hook up any positive feed wires to the stock wires.

    So, my final question is. What could cause this? Has an alarm you've worked with ever just went dead? Could it be defective? Could I be defective?

    What's Wrong!? AH!

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