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    I need to know what people think are the top 20 or so rap weed smoking songs and the top 20 or so rap 'slow' love songs.

    For the smokin' songs I got:
    Luniz - I got five on it
    Three Six Mafia - I'm so high
    Three Six Mafia and Twista - Smoked Out
    Bizzy Bone - Fried Day
    Cypress Hill - Roll it up, Light it up, Smoke it up
    Bone Thugz n' Harmony - Weed Song
    Bone Thugz n' Harmony - Why Do I Stay High
    Bone Thugz n' Harmony - Weed Man

    And then for the rap love songs:
    504 Boyz - I can tell you wanna' fuck
    Ginuine - In those jeans
    Usher - You got it bad
    Usher - You make me wanna'
    Usher - You remind me
    Mario - Let me love you
    Nelly - Over and over again

    I know that some of the 'love' songs are kind of lame but they are all that I can find that are actually slow. Not really fast rap love songs. Anyways, help me out if you can. Thanks.

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