Help with spyware removal, please?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Omied2k, Jul 6, 2004.

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    Hey guys. I'm having a helllllll of a time with this damn spy ware shit. My little brother was playing Yahoo Pool, and supposedly he got these spyware pop ups from playing yahoo pool (I highly doubt that because I've played it in the past and never had these problems). Anyways, I've downloaded Pop up blocker pro 2004, and it minimized my amount of pop-ups but doesnt get rid of them completely. I also had ad-aware 6.0, with the latest firmware update, and i still can't get rid of it.

    I've also tried doing system restore, the 1st time it happened, system restore worked perfectly, now this is the 2nd time, and system restore is not working to resolve this issue unfortunately. So I've attatched a pic of what my pop-ups are, maybe some of you have had to deal with this type in the past.

    Please let me know if there are any ways to get rid of it w/o reformatting.

    Also another thing, my home page is set to but after this spyware shit got on my computer, it reset it to "about:blank" (no big deal, it should be a blank white page, but it's not, you can see what is in the attatched picture)
    Also, don't mind the cars next to it, that's just my background, and since i'm running dual monitors, it takes a screen shot of both.

    Thanks in advance (Click link below for picture)
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    Try downloading a program like SpyBot. Don't get a popup blocker, that's just a band-aid.

    Run SpyBot (make sure you search for latest updates) and see what it comes up with. That "should" do 90% of your cleanup if not 100% (depending on how bad it is). If it asks you to reboot and scan again, do it.

    You can download it from

    Let us know how the scan turns out.
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    i had the same thing happen to my pc. i tried everything. and as i last resort, i formatted.
  4. Omied2k

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    ouch :(

    I so far downloaded spysweeper, it seemed to have picked up stuff ad-aware 6.0 did not, so now I will download spy bot and see if it does anything
  5. Omied2k

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    alright, i downloaded spy bot search and destroy, installed and scanned, it fixed most but 2 problems. So i restarted the computer, and ran it again at startup, found 5 other problems, fixed them all. Now so far I seem to have no problems at all, and I created a system restore point for XP in the case this happens again.

    Thanks for all your guys' suggestions everyone!

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