Help with tv audio problem......LG 55" 1080 TV

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by Frank N. Beans, Jan 2, 2010.

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    So we just bought a new TV at the fire station. I know crap about these things anymore. Its a LG, its a 55"......and it is 1080 resolution. Thats about all I can tell you. I hooked it up, along with our Blue-ray player, and HD cable box......using all HDMI cables. The surround sound is wired into the BR player, and the audio from the BR player to the TV is connected via a fiber optic cable.

    The problem is this: all audio types (whether it is the TV with the surround turned down, or the surround with the TV turned down)......the audio isn't synced with the picture. It is close, but off enough to notice. Not quite as bad as a 70's kung fu movie, but drives me and others crazy.

    Being that it doesn't matter which audio source is selected, I have to rule that it is solely the TV that is in need of some sort of correction. I figured before I called the customer service line (which is destined to be a PITA), I'd ask some of you folks who are more likely to be of better help....from experience (instead of reading a trouble chart to me over the phone).

    Anyone have any ideas? I've played in the settings menu a bunch. There are several options in audio........literally tons of ways to fine tune the audio. I have yet to find anything that corrects the synchronization of the audio to the picture.
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    I remember that pissing a lot of customers off when they bought Samsung DLP TV's back in the day. There should be a way to sink it up. I would actually just call LG's tech support and ask them.

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