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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by asp, May 7, 2008.

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    I wouldnt say i have a ton of experience with creating websites i ahve made a few sites in my day. I received a job of updating and maintaining a site for a sports team. Most of these teams build their site with this website builder that integrates the information with the league their in. So unfortunately, I'm stuck with this disgusting layout and horrible "website builder" application.
    What I am stuck on is how I will update the calender. I found the library where the calender is stored and in the library there are a bunch of pdf and html files. The calender, however, says that the file type is a "application/octet-stream." So I'm guessing the previous site updater had some sort of app on their computer and would be able to change the calender and have it auto update onto the site. When I try to download the file it downloads as object.aspx.

    Unfortunately I dont have any of the files on my own computer and dont have a way of contacting the old updater.

    Has anyone ever heard of octet-stream? What kind of application did they use?

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