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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by devin, Mar 15, 2004.

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    hey i reformatted my computer yestarday and had a few problems. its on my sony vaio pvc-rx760. i got everything insatlled right except the video card. in the device manager there is a question mark next to video controller (VGA compatable). I downloaded the origional video driver from sony's website, installed it and it didn't work.

    Another problem i'm having is when i change the resolution on my screen i can only put it in 1600x12000 in 16bit color which is really small. OR i can put it in one of the much larger settings in 32 bit. When i change it to the resolution i like the screen flickers a lot. would this have to do with the video card not being installed. I used to use my monitor in different resolutions before i reformatted my computer. My monitor is a Mitsubishi Diamond point NX86LCD if that helps.

    Does anyone have any solutions or any ideas on these problems. i've tried almost everything i can think of.

    Thank you
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    Do u know if ur vid card is onboard or if its actual card on a AGP or PCI slot?

    For the monitor, all I can think of is d/ling the right driver from the manufacturer's site and try again, sorry don't know too much about Mitsubishi stuff :(
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    we opened up the case of the computer and we couldn't find the video card. So i don't think it was on a pci slot.
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    It's more than likely an on-board video

    Try extracting the video drivers to a folder (hopefully you can) then go to the VGA with the question mark, open the Properties and use the update drivers button and point it to that folder you extracted the drivers to.
    It works with my nVidia drivers when I update them.

    Monitor drivers Device Drivers
    Use the Mitsubishi drop down menu, they are listed mid-way down.

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