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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by ImaSexyBitch, Jan 18, 2003.

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    ok, here is the scoop. celeron 400, 125 mb ram, the works, etc. i have windows xp pro, version 5.1. when i go to do the service pack update, i have to download the one for networks(more than one computer, it doesn't need a internet connection to install) because the other one gives an error that the server could not be reached for the install process. anyways, after successfully installing the sp1, anything microsoft won't connect. ie, messenger, etc. but things like icq will. so i uninstalled the sp1, and it connects again. so my question is: what can i do? the firewall wasn't on, either. it is like the internet connections aren't getting through to the browser. and the messenger uses the ie settings to connect, so it wasn't connecting either. so what is up? please help. thanks! :bowdown:
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    I of course want to blame .NET framework or maybe you might be running a non-legit version of XP Pro... but it illudes me, try or's forums for some help. Between those two I've always found a solution.
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    cool, thanks! i have just subscribed and poseted at both places.

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