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    I know there are posts and I've read them about general health and fitness, but I'm hoping to get some ideas on my situation.

    I'm 18 and this is my summer before college. I'm 5'10" and weigh 190 last time I checked. I don't look fat unless I have my shirt off (slight man boobs and a gut:wtc:) so I guess I am lucky to have a good body type. I want to get into a healthy routine before I go off to college, for myself and to avoid the freshmen 15. I went for a run today to learn I have very little stamina, and I can barely do 20 pushups.

    I work as an electrician which means my breakfast and lunch are usually from a deli. What should I avoid? Should I just start taking like a slim fast for breakfast and lunch?

    Also when I get home from work what should I do? I figure like 30 mins of running/walking, followed by other exercises. As I get used to it bumping it to a longer run and more exercising.

    I appreciate any help I can get! Thanks!
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