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    I get paid today and have a little extra money.. drive by Al and Ed's Autosound to take a look at what they have .. to make a long story short, I decide to buy a new amplifier. The model I decided on was a model from Eclipse that was from last year.. so it was discounted to $250 including installation. The model was Eclipse 36401. They then tell me I'll also need $90 worth of Monster Cables. I go to pay and find out the (last floor model) unit was already sold to an employee's friend. They apologized and offered to give me a "better" brand new 2004 unit for the same price. The unit is an Alpine MRP-F240. I said I guess it was OK, and made an appointment for the morning (have not paid yet and they don't have my contact information) I immediatley came home online to see what a great of a deal or how badly they were trying to rape me.. on Ebay, I found a few sellers selling the Alpine for $150 (NEW/UNOPENED/SHIPPED) .. a hundred dollar difference. The Eclipse was harder to locate, since it's an older (but apparently well-reviewed) model. The only site I found was selling it for $260 before shipping. A friend said that the cables AND installation should be around $100. Can anyone offer some advice.. thank you.


    so what... you are paying for service and warranty

    alpine and eclipse will not even talk to you if you buy their products online.. No tech support NO warranty..

    and also it seems like you cant install it either so they have an opening for you to get it TOMORROW

    so you can

    A: buy from an UNauthorized dealer and get NO nothing just the product and HOPE it has serial numbers on it and then go pay more to get it installed at a shop

    B: spend the extra cash knowing an authorized dealer is installing the gear and you will get full support and warranty you need.

    oh also

    that seller on ebay for 100 dollars less most likely works out of his house he finds a distributor so when you buy something he orders it and it gets shipped

    the shop has to pay employees, RENT etc etc etc they pay out the ass to demo the products to you .. they have to make their money somewhere which in the end isnt even that much
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    well the whole point behind this story is that they were going to sell me the eclipse deck which retails for MUCH higher than the deck they want to sell to me -- i disagree that i should just "go in there" and have them charge me "whatever they want" and charge me more than MSRP for something and think I won't notice .......... i'm taken advantage of way too much (i'm F) when dealing with men and car audio and getting my car fixed way too often.. they assume i know nothing so they can charge whatever they want, but i'm trying not to just give in and research things better beforehand........

    why should i pay $250 for a unit that LISTS for $200 and is selling for $150 on MANY internet stores (sorry, but i'm not too paranoid about the net and I know many of the stores offer warranties. is this standard practice in the car audio industry? these guys are known for jacking up prices.. this morning i'm going to call some other local places to see how much they would charge me for a full install, and warranty.

    also my friend said $90 was way too expensive for monster cables .. that they are overpriced/hyped.... that the ENTIRE installation fee, WITH cables, should be $90? ? thanks


    if msrp is 200 on a unit and they want 250 for it make sure what it includes

    tax, installation, install kits and parts etc
    also if they are simply selling the unit above msrp called the manufacture and see what they say about it

    as far as install cables go 90 bux for a power kit and rcas can be average... monster cable isnt any better than lightning audio etc.. Stinger is problably the best.. ONLY in quality of products...

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