GUN Helped a buddy build a Del Ton AR the other day... some thoughts about budget AR's

Rip The Jacker

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Jul 24, 2002
A lower is a lower is ....not a good lower? I think this Del Ton lower (or the LPK) was way out of spec. Takedown and pivot pin almost had to be pounded in. The detents or the holes were out out of spec because the pins were impossible to "unlock" or whatever. Selector switch took a bunch of finagling to work. The finish of the lower is junk. Few parts were nicked and immediately showed silver (and yes I talked shit about "proper annodizing" in a thread a while ago). Full mags have trouble dropping free.

In comparison to my budget build a couple months after Obama was elected...Only place I could get lowers was Essential Arms...And its been perfect. Finish has held up great. Definitely up to milspec. Only place I could get an upper and LPK was M&A parts which seemed kind of low level. But the build went together great. Runs flawlessly. Really happy with the quality. I dont feel like I compromised at all.

In short, you dont need to spend alot of money. But you do need to do your research. Really didnt think Del Ton would fail this bad. I'm also weary of all these $75 lowers. Only $25 more for peace of mind.


I'll bee your honey
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Oct 5, 2001
Well del-ton is about as cheap as you can get, I'd rather buy dpms if I was looking for something bottom of the barrel

There is some truth in the 'you get what you pay for' argument, but I haven't had anything wrong with my $63 aero made psa lowers except the annodising is a bit weak


I'll bee your honey
OT Supporter
Oct 5, 2001
And I'll take my $700 daniel defense budget build over a $500 del-ton anyday

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