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    I can't say there isn't any help but its going to be difficult I know. Among all my friends I have two of them that are brothers oldest is a year younger then me and his brother is a year younger then my brother, we all get together a lot for things hang out etc etc, at one time we lived together just three of us. Anyway Ive knowned then both for about 6 years I guess their both opposites, one is a moody bitchy :greddy: half the time the other is drunk 90% of his time, his name is petey, in the past month hes been staying with me, for what reason im not sure but hes been under my skin the time he was here and I asked his brother zac to come pick him up. Two days passed he stopped in again to say he was sorry and that he just needs a place to stay to clear up some fines and he said he would pay me a portion of my rent next month. Which I highly doubt but I feel bad for him. This isnt first time hes stayed with me either, several other times he usually over stays his welcome but ends up going home before I say anything cept this time, its I dunno... off.. theres a reason why hes here just not sure yet.

    His problem is he drinks.. and doesnt stop till he passes out. Three years ago he served a year in a half in jail for four DWI's. After he was out, home arrest for a year then probabtion. During the timehe was out he didnt really drink that much, but after he was off house arrest it was back to drinking hisself stupid again.

    So if a year or so away from the drink, I doubt detox will help but I never been thru all that so who knows. He drinks a case in a half of beer a night, sometimes when that runs out he finishes off the remainder of vodka, or whiskey. Wakes up next day like nothing happened and starts over. He just turned 27 this past sunday, its going to ruin his life, I think he knows it but he doesnt know how to stop. He does work, its seasonal (umpire actually) makes probably 500-1000 a week, avg I think is 800 a week depending on weather.

    How it effects me. His voice carries when he speaks and he speaks so loud my neighbors knock on the wall at one point. He has sexs with random girls in my brothers bedroom and he doesnt say anything about it, I do i told him he needed to go home sunday actually. I spend everyday picking up cans putting them in bags...I leave for the store, mcdonalds whatever come back my apt smells like a bar/tavern The girls he invites over hes passed out on them before so i listen to their crying and sobbing cause their obsessed with him I guess ? he doesnt really care about them that I can tell just blowjob, little ass hes fine :dunno: If hes way drunk like embombed(?) he walks around the house like hes half away half asleep, he'll piss in the corner sometimes, I had a bucket, 5 gallon sittin on the corner one time he drops his pants thinking its a toilet and he passes out. and hes dead weight when hes out to. No privacy if you dont lock your door, you could be sitting there waxing the carrot he'll walk in, lite up a cig and ask how your doing and has no clue. If he talks to you about something serious he mumbles a lot so its difficult to understand.

    Anyway theres more to this story then I want to say something more serious but i aint sure how to even react to yet. I wanna help him but something inside me tells me theres more wrong then whats on the surface. I dunno what to do. Financially it doesnt effect me to much aside from the milage on my car since he doesnt have a license to drive. I do not buy beer anymore I hide any hard alcohol that was left behind by someone else or myself or I dump it out to keep him from drinking it, if I tell him to back off or stop, he just wont come back for a while :hsd: When hes drunk he doesnt really have a clue as to what hes doing or who he is half the time. Its not a sensitive subject with anyone that knows who he is what he does, eve him he jokes about it to, its comical at some points but to me it wears my patience thin when he gets on my nerves.

    How can I help this guy if there is any? Sorry for such a long novel here.
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    This is more of a road to recovery question :squint: , but i wil try to answer anyway.

    The first thing that came to my mind was that i wanted to grab a bucket of water, and throw it over his face, then get a soft broom and wash out his face.

    Alcoholism = intolerable. An alcoholic is like having a wild elephant in your house, people like that HAVE to go. AA or any other organisation that can provide sufficient help into sending him towards a proper clinic should be consulted. The guys in the road to recovery can tell you more about it.

    The longer this persists the worse he will be off, the faster he starts with recovering, and finding back God thru Jesus , the better he will be off. He is completely off track , and the athmosphere in the house is totally ruined , and he takes into no aspect of the hurt he causes upon these girls emotionally because he is SO SELFCENTERED, that whatever happens in the outside world is absolete to him.

    It is time for a good wake up call for him.

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