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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by diesel, Nov 27, 2005.

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    I got this hijacker virus on my machine and I am not for sure what program I need to take it off with.. Any help guys would be greatly appreciated... I have the cox's virus scanner but it cannot remove these items.. I know that the flashget is cool cause its a legit program but the other three items, i have no idea how to remove..

    check out my toolbar on this one.. it is all smashed together and i cannot move it.. its all fucked... i think one of these bastards did it


    and these are the three items giving me hell

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    You don't have a virus. You have the Coolweb Shredder Spyware. One of the meanest ones out there.

    You need Cool Web Shredder 2.19 to get rid of it. I think 2.19 is the most recent version but try to find the newest one you can. The other two should be removable using MS Anti-Spyware in safe mode with your browser closed.
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    i consider there very little difference between adware and viri
    when i come across one in my frequent spyware scans i wage holy war on it
    i run basicly every spyware program there is clean my registry and look through hijack this
    and i dont think im paranoid enough
    the other day (black friday) i camped out and got a decent laptop for my father and spent a long while just setting up spyware countermeasures because in the time it took me to go onto the internet download firefox, spybot, adaware, spywareblaster, ect i somehow already contracted 4 peices of spyware onto the computer AND IT HAD BARLY BEEN ONLINE FOR 15 MINUTES
    you cannot be to careful with that shit

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