SRS Herbal medicines that could help mental issues?

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by LancerV, Jun 24, 2005.

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    Would anyone want a thread like this, and maybe a sticky?
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    Be carefull, medicines are a dangerous business, and should only be described by professional graduated qualified people with the appropriate certificates and medical degrees to distribute them amongst 'mental' patients. I know the idea of alternative medicine is popular and tempting, and some of them might actually even work(for you?) as herbs can be very powerfull, yet it belongs into the 'grey' area of medicine. If anything i would rather not have people using them , especially with mentally 'unstable' people , i don't want to dismiss herb usage , but preferably as a 'last' resort, when all conventional things have failed. And one should always 'doubt' the herb business as there's a lot of scamming going (eat a herb grow a big penis) africadosicum BS on of people who make abuse and earn money of your problems are scattered al around the internet and hit your e-mail box to your dismay more often then you would like them to :sad2:

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