Here ya go...


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Dec 19, 2006
Most recent 'nude' I have.




If squats were easy they'd be called 'Your Mum'
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Jun 21, 2004
My back looks really arched. Not a fan of it. But it was the last picture I took with out clothes on (that's been uploaded)


If squats were easy they'd be called 'Your Mum'
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Jun 21, 2004
:rofl: I'm pretty tall and you'll rarely find me on my knees,

I'm more of a bend at the waist kinda girl

Mrs. Obama

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Apr 12, 2009
San Diego
Someone takes the internet a little too serious.

Why would anyone car so much about what people think of them on the internet?


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Jan 22, 2006
Ahh OT.

Step one: Get abusive, threatening, and attack an OP.

Step two: Claim OP cares too much and should stop taking things so seriously.

Step three: Ignore step one, where you took it too serious in the first place.

Step Four: Rinse and repeat every few years
You've got it all wrong, typical OP

It's more of a vetting process :rofl:

If you can handle all the bullshit thrown at you, you can handle the rest of OT. I don't know why OP get all up in a tizzy when they're the target of OT, its not like y'all get any less shit than any regular OTer. You dumbass OPs that try to make yourselves known and popular are the ones drawing all of the negative attention to yourselves.

I mean holy shit, how have you girls not figured this out yet? Some of the cool ones have, but you don't see them parading themselves around as women on the Internet. You reap what you sow, ladies.


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Aug 28, 2002
I just wanted to clear a few things up from the facts as I know them.

First and foremost, I did NOT request for MCohen to get a perma.

I NEVER issued Xerq any ultimatums (Not with MCohen & not with the Amazon sub-forum) Why MCohen thinks I issued one is honestly beyond me.

I was only anywhere in "the know" with MCohens bans because this ban was going to happen right after MCohen and I got into it and it was thought that if they banned him when they did, it would be blamed on me & they wanted to know how I felt about this. I advised them that it was not my forum and for them to do whatever they felt/wanted to do.
The reasons he was going to get the initial ban were never brought to my attention & I did not ask.
It was then brought to Xerqs attention that he posted my car pic here and that was a reason for a 7 day ban. This is about when I asked for a self ban from OT (it didn't seem worth having the account if when I logged in I was just going to read shitty things about myself & it seemed like something I could do without reading)

At this point, I requested all of my posts in the Amazon thread be deleted... it seemed to be a constant problem with what people thought about the thread and I figured it was just easier to gradually phase myself out of the thread. Even though I hadn't been near as active in the thread anyway, this just seemed that would maybe take some of the heat off the thread in general & maybe people would just drop the issue all together. Many people were spreading rumors about the reason of the thread, what was being bought & why...etc.
Xerq told me to do this, he would have to purge all of my posts. I agreed to this.

MCohens 7 day ban was lifted pretty shortly after, not sure how long but someone paid to have the ban lifted. Somewhere around this time, I asked for a self perma. The drama was getting to be too much & i thought if I simply exited fairly quietly then everything would go back to normal. People were going to believe what they wanted to about his ban and I wasn't at liberty to really respond as it was thought this would encourage more drama. The only place I posted I was leaving was the Amazon thread because I figured it would go unnoticed by the rest of the forum. For whatever reason, I was never banned.

Later, things on the board seemed fine from that point. MCohen was unbanned, the feel of the boards seemed good, everything seemed fine & back to normal and I was fine at this point with resending my request because minus a few comments, things were fine.

I never used my ignore list because there was never a need to. MCohen and I have went back & forth before, shit blows over. If people understood that this was not the reason for the ban, I think they would quit asking why I didn't use it.


It was then brought up that MCohen had made posts here on OT stating he had received my personal information including my name & phone number and that he told people not to take it to real life but some people wouldn't listen to him. I was also receiving messages on Facebook addressing me as Sunni so it was obvious people had used their free time to try to track me down. At this point, Xerq issued my self imposed perma to prevent anyone else from accessing any other info on me in any way. (I didnt even know this, I had to send a message asking why I was banned)
It had nothing to due with MCohens perma being reduced as people think/say.
I contacted Xerq stating that was ridiculous, if they already had my personal information, it didn't make a difference at this point. That is where the issue still stands at this point and I am still waiting to hear back.

I tried to be sure I listed everything in chronological order, however since I am banned, I do not have access to my Xerq PMs to totally place the timeline together.

Read it, dont read it...just thought some actual facts in the matter should be brought to light.

I tried reading this at least 5 or 6 times over the last 24hrs and after the first few words I get a massive case of disinterest.

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