Hey guys, give me some input on my new routine!

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by KenKaniff, Nov 28, 2005.

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  1. KenKaniff

    KenKaniff Guest

    So I'm aiming for mostly size gain for the next 2 months before I start cutting. I'm back at my previous strength levels and I'm @ 202lbs @ 6'0
    Cals are at about 3200 per day, very clean. I've gained 17 pounds since September 1st, so I think I'm bulking nicely. Numbers are way up. Just want to get some size on me.

    Monday = Chest and Bi
    DB flat press 4x8
    DB incline Press 4x8
    DB incline fly 4x8

    BB curl 4x8
    Preacher curl 4x8
    Seated db incline curl 4x8


    Tuesday = Back/Tris
    BB row = 4x8
    Single arm DB rows 4x8
    T-bar rows 4x8

    Skull crushers 4x8
    weighted dips 4xmax
    cable pushdowns 4x8

    Wedneday =shoulders/legs
    Squat 4x10
    Hamstring curls 4x10
    leg curls 4x10
    calves raise 4xmax

    Military BB press 4x8
    DB/BB shrusg 4x10
    Laterals 4x10


    Thursday off

    Friday = repeat of monday workout

    Saturday repeat of tuesday workout

    sunday repeat of wednesday work

    Bodybuilders, what do you guys think? any suggestions?
  2. KenKaniff

    KenKaniff Guest

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  3. KenKaniff

    KenKaniff Guest

    I'm not really a fan of hitting Chest/tri, Back/bi. It feels like I'm over working the arm muscles when I do that kind of a split.
  4. KenKaniff

    KenKaniff Guest

    Right, for a total of 3 times a week. The reason being is that my bi's simply do not grow. I'm trying to go for a simple old school style routine that's going to promote the most mass. Do you think I should switch to Chest/tris even if my tris will be pre-exhausted from the chest work/
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