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Discussion in 'OT Driven' started by Hooligan_04, Oct 13, 2002.

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    My friend recently laid down his Honda CBR600F4i, It's a 2001 with 5000 miles, it's his first accident ever, alright? He's 18, been riding since he was my age(16).

    He was going to sell me the bike before this for $6000, now that he's wrecked it he's willing to give it to me as it for $4500, all it needs is a new mirror and turn signal, there's a few scratches on it and what not, but overall a really nice bike, I'd love to have it.

    The dilema is, if I tell my parents that he wrecked, they probably won't want me to get my M license or his bike. So, my thoughts are tell them that someone hit his bike and knocked it over, probably not a great story, but much better than, telling them he hit some gravel while slowing down and the bike wobbled and he lost control of it, laying it down at like 30mph. Since my friend laid it down, I wouldn't have a first bike that's super nice, so I figure I could use this in my defense, if they're afraid I'm going to make it un-nice...by laying it down or something similar.

    He's not hurt at all, but I'd really like to get his bike and my M license, so if you guys could give me your opinion on what I should do, and what possible alternatives there are to this situation, I'd be very appreciative.

    Also, if you give me ideas for other used bikes, I'm up for looking at anything until 1997, that's my cut off. My dad had a '97 GSXR 600, so I want something a little similar, like my friends CBR.
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    Also, so you know, I've ridden in extent of 50cc-250cc dirt bikes since I was about 6. Not trying to say I know what I'm gonna be doing on a streetbike, just giving you knowledge of my riding experience so you can make fair statements about my purchasing of the CBRF4i, if my parents and I do decide it so.

    And yes....I will be paying for it myself.
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    I'd go for it, sounds like a good deal, and youll probably end up dropping it so at least your not starting out with a perfect never dropped bike. Ive dropped my fair share of bikes (ok, once on a streetbike and about 4,672,094 times on my dirtbikes. ) Trust me, the wreck doesnt hurt nearly as bad if the bike is already dropped. :)
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    how hard did he dropp it is the frame bent?
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    The frame is fine. the only damage there happens to be is a few light scrathes and the right mirror and turn signal broken.
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    If you can live with the scratches...I'd go for it. You could always fix it up later.

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