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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by TenSteel, Sep 11, 2002.

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    Post your ultimate, dream speaker project. Cost is no object! Some day, I will undertake this project to build the ultimate music system.

    I would basically build my own JM Lab Grande Utopias, but with a ribbon tweeter. Each speaker would consist of a Focal Audiom 15wx 15" woofer, Audiom 11wx 11" woofer, 2 Audiom 6WM 6" midranges, and a Raven R2.0 tweeter (in an MTM configuration). Total cost for those parts would be about $4k :eek:

    Grande utopia link:

    Focal drivers link:

    I'm not sure how I'd do it, but I'd recreate the focused image geomtery that JM lab does (each driver angled on axis towards the listener).

    Now here, IMO, is where the project becomes very custom. Instead of a using passive crossovers for the speakers, I would use a 4-way Marchand active, tubed 24db/octave crossover, and quad amp the speakers. That's right, a total of 4 amps: 2 tube amps (probably Rogue Audio or some other good sub $2k brand) for the mids and tweeters, and 2 nice solid state amps for the woofers. This will give me the best of both worlds ... sweet tube sound for the mids and highs, and plenty of solid state power for the woofers.

    Using the active crossover will produce far less distortion compared to a passive (according to Alan, the tech at Orca Distributing--the company that distributes Focal drivers--the Marchand is one of the most transparent crossvers available today). Using the active xover will also allow me to fine tune the frequency rolloff and volume level of each part of the speaker.

    Crossover link:
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    I would probably build a pair of http://www.partsexpress.com/projectshowcase/eros/ Eros designed by Wayne J. I realize they aren't very expensive, as the total cost would be less than 1 thousand dollars, but I would rather spend the rest of the money on a dedicated listening room.

    For the LF section, I would probably use 1 or 2 of adire's high output 15" woofer. I would then use a BFD for equilization and a Crown K2 to power it.

    For the Mains amplifier I would use a Crown K1 probably.

    As for the preamp and source units, I am not quite sure, I would have to think about that one for awhile.

    For my theater room, I would want 5 3pi pro series loudspeakers. To power them, I suppose more Crown K1's...

    Subwoofer section would be an array of 8 of Adire's new drivers in an EBS vented alignment powerered with 8 Crown K2's...

    For the preamp/processor, I would probably use an Outlaw 950.

    Dvd player, I dunno.

    Extremely large plasma display...

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    Good luck getting a ribbon to blend accurately with the rest of the drivers. Depending on the size of the ribbon you probably won't be able to set it up correctly as a MTM config, way too many issues with difraction. Ribbons of any significant size like to be by themselves or mounted close to the edge of the baffle ala Carver Amazings or Apogee's.

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