Hey look, another mp3 player thread (need suggestions)

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by KGB ate my bread, May 29, 2005.

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    Alright, my budget is to stay below 200$, as best as possible. I prefer something 20gb, simply because I have 30gb of mp3s, and I'd at least like to fit a big enough variety that I enjoy for use in my car. I guess I could settle for 5gb, but it'd have to win me over in a few categories for me to really pick it.

    That's another thing, this is an mp3 player that would mainly be used in my car. This means I'd like something with a good battery life, being as I drive a shit load (20,000 miles alone since last August). Recharging would also have to be through a means other than computer, considering my computer doesn't go everywheres that I do, especially when I take trips that can be up to 5 days long.

    The use in my car would also want me to pick up something that's kinda small, and easy to navigate through. I don't want something that'd be a bitch/pain in the ass to use because I don't want to get in a wreck.

    Currently, I'm looking at a Rio Karma, the docking station with RCA line out, and ethernet connectivity make it very very very interesting. Does anyone own one? How easy is it to put music on? How easy is to navigate? Would you reccomend it? It does fit my budget, and have a lot of what I'm looking for. I also hear it has very good sound quality, which is something that I desire.

    My only worries about the Karma is the very limited warranty, and the few reviews where people talk about their hard drives dying.

    Thanks in advance for any/all help. I know there have been a million MP3 player threads, I just never found any that were helpful to myself. Again, thanks.
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    Below $200 and 20GB?

    That's a REAL stretch, dude.

    The Rio Karma clocks in @ $209 from amazon.com, which even then, is greater than.
    The Creative Zen Nomad Xtra 30GB is $198 from amazon, however. But compared to the Karma, is much bulkier, and not as good of a sound. It is 10 gigs more, but that may not apeal to you.

    In any case, both players have great communities to answer these 'little' questions that I cannot.


    Rio questions:
    How easy is to navigate? Pretty simple. Have you ever used an iPod? Like the scroll whell, there is a scroll barrel on the top of the player that fits in your palm, and is simple enough to nacigate through your music where you won't have a problem.

    Would you reccomend it? Yes; especilly for it's going price.

    It does fit my budget, and have a lot of what I'm looking for. I also hear it has very good sound quality, which is something that I desire. The best sound quality for unequalized (equalizer and professional effects) playback. Still true, sadly, to this day.

    If you feel my opinion is biased, since some people think mine is, you will always get a great, unbiased opinion from the experts at http://www.dapreview.net/ . Hell, they could tell you more than I could given this situation.

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