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    Originally posted by LOUDSYSTEM
    My HT consists of:

    Panasonic 65in HD widescreen tv
    Misti HD Sat Receiver
    Pioneer Elite DV37
    Monster cable HTS3500
    Denon 3801 for now soon to be 5803

    then i built all the enclosures using Focal 7in drivers all around

    and a klipsch 15in powered sub that i will be burning soon and replacing with


    and the family room has a

    panasonic 47in wide screen HD tv
    misti HD sat receiver
    OLD denon reciever and some old polk sat and subs

    Loudsystem, you should really look into building a DIY subwoofer. If you spent as much on a subwoofer DIY job, you could build one that would trounce the MartinLogan one. I mean, you built your own Focal speakers, building a subwoofer enclosure should be pretty easy. I have heard the MartinLogan sub, and it sounds good, but you could do much better if you built your own. For example, a Crown Microtech 2400 http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/psho...r=245-404&DID=7 that is 1100 dollars, and puts out over 1kW per channel. and two Adire Brahma 12" woofers. http://www.adireaudio.com/car_audio...ahma_series.htm That would be 740 dollars. Then a behringer feedback destroyer pro, you can get them for 130 dollars new at any music store. Build as small as an enclosure for the two subs as you like and use the behringer to equilize the low frequencies so you get a perfectly flat in room repsonse. I guess you would need to spend another 30 bux on a radioshack spl meter too. All together though, that is only about 2200 dollars with the enclosure, I would venture that is about the price of the Martin Logan. The homebuilt one would have so much more output than the ML, its not even funny. And, with the parametric equilization provided by the feedback destroyer, you would get amazing sound quality.


    if i wanted to do a DYI sub id use the ID MAXes ;) but i can get that martin logan well below dealer cost so its just as easy to buy one and be happy with its output.. my neighbors hate me enough as it is :)
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    i wat to do a tom nusaine setup and use my basment as teh encluser but sigh i am poor

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