hey-o. so I need to buy memory for my laptop tonight/tomorrow...v.whereshouldibuy?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by MassMan, Feb 15, 2007.

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    my guess is that I'm going to find the best deals on the internets. just thought I would take a minute and ask for any suggestions. I'm the kind of guy who gets by running 256 on windows xp. I need to at least double up though cause I get so angry @ times when it comes to speed. just wanted some advice on where I should be looking to make my purchase. I'm a big fan of eBay for most things - but have no idea on brand names to trust - so thought I'd ask here. I have a $50 eBay GC to waste anywho :) but would prefer to do business with a company directly!
    money is not so much an object as long as i'm getting quality...and can put it on my CC :o

    thanks in advance!
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    Prices are usually as good as Newegg, and they can tell you exactly what kind to get.

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