SRS Hi again, I'm the quiet/shy type; very depressed individual!

Discussion in 'On Topic' started by LiQuiD_FuSioN, Sep 29, 2005.

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    I'm the quiet type who doesn't really get out that much unless I need to eat or go to work. Lately, I had a 2 week vacation and that felt really good. I spent time with my family while getting away from the mundane job. All I can say is that I still get depressed when I think about the little things in life, but really do have an impact.

    Soon I'll be 20 and as of right now, I've nothing to show for it. I'm still twidling my thumbs and letting things pass by. To be honest, I'm nervous about that. All my life I've been in a bubble and my parents always stood up for me, in my opinion that was the number one mistake. It just added to my insecurities and shyness, if it wasn't for that I just may have developed my self-esteem later on. Instead of sulking, I would probably be out having fun and meeting people. And other things like how ugly I look, how depressed I make each room when I walk in or how shy I am infront of people, I'm sure thinking about all of this will make anyone feel depressed as well.

    Right now, I'm either at a crossroads between moving on in life; getting an education and striving to become a better man. Or I can just forget about everything, live a pathetic existance or end up in the gutter. It is just hard for me to take it all in and I sit back watching others have fun, people laughing and after all that I've typed up, even more life has passed me by again. :sadwavey:
  2. You are still young at 20, and dont worry most people your age have not done much with their lives at that point. You sound like you want to do something to change your life, and I say go for it! Go out, Have fun, Make changes, and be aggressive. Its your life, so you should live it how you want. Change can be very scary and quite intimidating, but I think in this instance you will have to simply throw those fears out the window.
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    You are still young and have not yet even begun you true life. Okay, so you haven't quite done what you have wanted to yet, but there is so much time left available for you to remedy that situation.

    The first thing to do is set some goals and remember to never settle for less than you deserve. Drop any ideas or feelings that you have of yourself that aren't superb. Seriously. People aren't enamored of others with loads of self pity. It's a self destructive attitude and is basically useless to you. Dump any such feelings for the only thing that will come from those feelings are things that will hold you down. Self respect is really the key to success in anything that you do.
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    ah LiQuiD_FuSioN i think your parents didn't realise that by sticking up for you they would add to your shyness, i think parents want to give their children the example of how important it is to stand up for your own ideas,dreams, and wishes and forfill them. You need a lionsheart liquid, choises create new reality's.

    If you want to make a new start, do things that build up your self esteem, start little, bake a cake, create a pot, make a drawing, do little things time by time to see that you CAN achieve things, that there's no reason to be shy, and that the world lies on your feet just waiting for you to explore it. Your fear is your own enemy,which disables you from enjoying your life. Its like a person in a room, who doesn't dare to unlock the door to see what lies beyond. You constantly have to fight your fear and unlock the door to explore what lies beyond, you can be a pioneer full with courage and unlock that door in your own mind :wavey: explore Liquid_ Fusion the world has so much to offer.
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    Mmeeeeemmmmooorrriiiieeeesssss.... at the corner of my miiiiiiiiind. Swweeeeeett meeemmmmorrrriieeeeess...
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    Oh my dear god! you can sit there and cry about these things while you are only 20 years young!? I am exactly like you are but theres one huge difference, I am 26, about to be 27. Now once you get to be about my age and things don't turn around then you can bitch all you want. Sorry but you struck a nerve.
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    age is merely a number. there are countless examples, publicly known, or not so much of people that have "blossomed late" and/or really started getting rolling with their dreams/plans later than is typical.
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    Now that I am 36, here are the things I would have done differently when I was 20:

    1. Started a 401k and put away at LEAST 10% of my income, if not more like 15%. If you save for 10 years (until you are 30) you will have more money for retirement than if you start at 30 and save until you are 65. (Compound interest is a wonderful thing if you have TIME.)

    2. I would have read the books Rich Dad, Poor Dad and Cashflow Quadrant. Read them with a grain of salt, as they are questionable with legal advice, but the overall concept is sound. Start a business. I am planning on opening a restaurant within the next year. Had I started sooner, I would have a lot more to show for it. (Don't read any of his other books, they suck, find other authors.)

    3. I would have started working out more. is an excellent resource.

    4. I would have stopped spending all my money on friends, women, and toys and instead saved it up for a house. Wow, if I had done that I would be living rent free right now due to some amazing circumstances that I let pass by. I cannot believe I was so stupid. A house is like a giant savings account.

    5. I would have bought a used car outright instead of two new 2000 cars, which cost way too much to get me from point A to point B.

    6. I would have bought the book at a long time ago.

    7. I am glad I took 4 years off between college and high school. It gave me more time to think about what I wanted to major in. However, psychology was a waste of time. Now I would go to school and take business related courses so I could learn how to setup and run my own business, and - most importantly - I would meet other people who wanted to run their own businesses so I could learn from them. Go to college to meet people who are smarter than you, not just for the classes. Hang out with them, learn from them.

    8. I would have gotten my Great Danes, and I would have treated them a lot better. It was not their fault that I had a bad day, they were always there to love me unconditionally.

    9. I would have dumped any woman who was after my money, was not interested in me, or who disrespected me. Instead, I married a bitch and was stuck with her for 11 years. THAT was the biggest regret of my life. I am now happily divorced and have an amazing GF.

    10. I'd eat more healthy, and see a dentist more often. My teeth are killing me.

    Learn from others, that's what it's all about! :big grin:
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    Listen to Poco, he speaks the truth.

    Also, I never bought DocLove's books because you don't have to. I went to and read his articles for free, and communicated there with other people and learned all you need to know about dating and relationships there.

    Plus, the key to anything in life truly is, self respect. If you respect yourself enough, you will never just settle for anything, and you will refused to be used. It's a big big thing in all that you do.
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    seriously... i'd QFT poco, but he wrote alot :big grin:

    Poco is THE man to listen to...

    at 27, i wish i started sooner to workout and to put MORE money away...
    as of now i have ONLY been putting away 75$ a month... in my RRSP plan :-/

    i would have bought a shittier car instead of my expensive to maintain maxima...

    i would have SERIOUSLY tried looking into starting my own job.... something or anything web related...

    i'm was once a VERY shy person... but i kept analyzing people and trying to see what they are doing differently than me... sure enough i would mimic their styles and i started breaking out of my shell more and more...

    I'm still a shy person, but i have ALOT more confidence in myself and old friend notice this immediately.

    you still have ALOT of time... and eventually you'll realize how simple life really is, depending on how YOU choose to live it...

    my gf always wonders how i live nearly stress free... i tell her, as long as i'm breathing i'm happy. EVERY SINGLE LITTLE thing in life makes me happy... EVERYTHING. i'm glad that i'm simply GIVEN the chance to experience life! I stress about the job abit, because that's fine, and it should be that way... BUT if ever you lose your job, you can ALWAYS get another job... even if it's at a cheap 7/11 for a couple weeks...

    good luck :) and have fucking fun... life is TOO SHORT!

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