SRS Hi, First Post in here.


Hi, and thanks for reading first of all.
I want to get some input on what might be wrong with me.
Basically, Everytime I get serious with a girl, I always find a reason to end it.
Now, I understand the whole fear of commitment thing, but I don't believe that is the problem.
My previous 2 relationships were 2+ years, and with great girls.
But for some reason, I just seem to sabotage them.
Do any of you have this same problem maybe? Or something similar?
What could be the cause?

I know these are general questions kind of, but its really bugging me a lot.
I feel like I could have married the last one, but ended it in August.
Consciously I feel great, but sub-consciously I don't.

Thanks in advance, and ask any question you would like to know to help.



Watch: Aria The Origination =)
You need to 'allow' yourself to be happy, also the question, do you love yourself? appears. You basically need to love yourself before you can fully commit yourself to others.

A lot of young people break off perfectly great relationships purely because of 'the grass must be greener somewhere else' for a lot of people it would have been better if they knew the following: namely never look at what you don't have, always look at what you DO have.' You know just stop and look back on all the things you do have in life makes you appreciate things better in their value.

These are rather essensial things in order to be able to fully give yourself in a relationship.

Another possible cause of this manipulation however could be that you had a dad that did the same. You know kids sometimes get bad examples on how to establish and maintain a relationship in their early days, so im wondering how you experienced your parents, especially if they are divorced you might get a sense of sabotage in the expectation that a relationship is doomed to begin with, which is absolutely not the case. A relationship is what you both make of it.

I can give some directive suggestions. But in the end you are really the only one who can pinpoint a possible cause in it.

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