COMIC Hideaki Anno took my manhood away... :(

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by TerryMathews, Jul 13, 2003.

  1. TerryMathews

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    It's true. His and Her Circumstances (Kare Kano) has become my favorite anime series. And it's a chick flick. Grrrrr.

    Can't help but like it though. The animation is perfect, the way the characters look real, but then go into a mind's-eye image where they're super-deformed. :drool: The English dubbing is great, and they even took the time to create subtitle overlays for all the on-screen text.

    Except for Episodes 14 and 18. 14 is nothing but a God-damn recap of what happened the last 13 episodes. And to add insult to injury, it's 1.5 episodes long. I hated the animation in 18 with a passion. The way that everything was done with paper cut-outs. What happened, did the animator not show up for work that day? Retards invaded the studio? Inquiring minds want to know.

    I literally watched all of Volume 4 last night. At once. In one sitting. I can't wait for Sept. 30th. Volume 5 and the conclusion. :wiggle:

    I've been told that Love Hina is a good series in the mold of His and Her. Anyone have any opinions?

    Oh yeah, no spoilers please. I don't want to know how the series ends.
  2. Jay

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    Dec 21, 2000
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    1 of the best anime I've watched. character development is superb in that show.

    the ending, however, was kinda forced

    Love Hina is my fav. romatic comedy. it's funny, but not as serious as Kare Kano

    edit: you saw it dubbed :squint:
  3. TerryMathews

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    Have you actually watched the official US dubbed version? It's spot-on perfect. Not only is it literally translated, it's culturally translated as well. 'Canned tea' in Japanese became 'Nestea' in English.

    I normally agree with you. Most dubbings are horrendous, especially bootlegs. That being said, His and Her is great dubbing and I think the English voice for Yukino is far less annoying than the Jap voice.

    BTW, watched 7 eps of Love Hina so far I think it's pretty amusing. Some eps are drawn out entirely too much like 7 where the majority of the episode is spent inside a Super Famicom game... :ugh:
  4. baboymo

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    I still haven't seen an episode of Kare Kano. But I've heard the great opening theme music which is very, very catchy.

    Working on FLCL right now (did Hideaki Anno work on that also).
  5. TerryMathews

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    Okay, I've picked up all the Love Hina eps (full series + X-Mas + Spring + Again).

    I'm thinking about picking up Chobits and Mahoromatic. Any other suggestions? I've seen Ai Yori Aoshi brought up from time to time, but don't know what it's about.
  6. TerryMathews

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    I'm also ordering all the US Manga's for Kare Kano that have been released on Saturday. I managed to find out what was going on with the story in Kare Kano without spoiling the last episodes.

    Bottom line: I can't believe that Anno stopped making episodes. Actually, I can because 18's animation was horrible and the quality of the episodes went down from there. But still, horrible!

    I guess the last episode occurs in vol. 8 of the manga (out of 13 volumes) and is day 5 in the aptly named 14 days. It should be a requirement for any TV series that said series have a conclusion before it's aired. Grrrr!

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