High Blood Pressure?

Discussion in 'Fitness & Nutrition' started by DTR rex, Apr 3, 2009.

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    Any of you guys have high blood pressure (hypertension)?

    My blood pressure has been fine all my life but recently (the last 3 weeks) it has been considerably higher than normal and I am only 23.

    It seems now that my readings are always sitting the 145-150/80-90.

    I've been to the doctor about it and no one really knows why it would be high. I am active, exercise, eat well, etc... Just about every single "risk factor" for high blood pressure has absolutely no relevance to me.

    The only thoughts are (1) stress (2) heredity (3) side effects of the asthma drugs I am on.

    However, it seems unlikely that stress alone could cause such a huge increase in BP, and although both my dad and grandma developed HBP at an early age the doc said that my healthy life style should be off-setting that.

    I'm kinda at a loss here. No Doc has a good explanation since I am healthy. I did some research on the asthma meds I am taking and one of them (singulair) has been known to cause HBP in some people but my Doc insists it isn't that.
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