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  1. Most shows and movies have some cars in it. I don't think there are as many chases nowadays as in comparison to the 70's. Back then, there were many crime and police programs and often each show would have a car chase on a weekly basis. Hawaii 5-0 for instance.

    Here are approximately five hundred seventy entries of different vehicles, with their license plate number, seen in movies and TV: :wiggle:


    Weird ones:

    Christine 1958 Plymouth Fury
    Columbo Det. Columbo 1950 Rusty Gray Peugeot 044-APD or 448-DBZ
    Family Matters Steven Q. Urkel Red & White 1960 BMW Isetta Mini Car P7C-128
    Monkees The Monkees Monkeemobile PER-540 or NPH-623
    Munsters Herman Munster Hot Rod HAJ-302

    Ghostbusters #1



    Regal ones: :drool:

    Avengers John Steed Green 1926 Bentley UW-4887
    Avengers John Steed Bugatti GK-3295
    Avengers John Steed White Vauxhall Saloon 7061-MK
    James Bond Auric Goldfinger 1937 Rolls Phantom lll
    Burke's Law Capt. Amos Burke Rolls Royce JZG-063

    Stately ones:

    American Gafitti Lucas Sound Company 1955 T-Bird
    Banacek Thomas T. Banacek 1941 Packard Darrin 1-7834
    Cavanaughs Francis Cavanaugh Blue 1941 Plymouth Conv. 394-36
    The Good Guys Rufus Betterworth 1924 yellow & black Lincoln Cabriolet Taxi Cab (?)
    Happy Days Howard Cunningham Hudson BFJ-380
    MacGyver Angus MacGyver 1956 Bel Air
    Mister Ed Wilbur Post 1961 2-door Studebaker FIM-921
    Mod Squad Three Hippie Cops 1950 Mercury Station Wagon ("Woody" - 188-458
    My Mother the Car Dave Crabtree Black 1928 Porter PZR-317
    Private Eye Jack Cleary Black 1956 Desoto Convertible. NOP-789
    Remington Steele Remington Steele 1936 Auburn
    Vega$ Dan Tanna Red 1957 Thunderbird Convertible.

    I like the Christine Fury. What are ones others like? :)
  2. The link below has a ton of links to search for thousands of vehicles that have appeared in TV or the movies. It lists a different link for each model of many makes. Quite interesting. :)


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