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    Aug 1, 2005
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    Well, I am going to start doing HIIT AGAIN. I started doing it a while ago and was losing a pound a day for a week but got tired of it and stopped doing it.

    What I need is help from people that have done it before. I just dont think I have been doing it right.

    What I do is I use a treadmill. I start out walking at about 3mph for around 5 minutes. Then I kick it up to 7-8mph run for 60 seconds, then walk at 2-3mph for 2 minutes, then run at 7-8mph for 45 seconds, then walk again and then run again for 30 seconds. Then I do that 3 more times but only running for 30 seconds. And on the last one I run for 60 seconds at 7-8mph.

    Is this a good workout? I also throw in some situps (about 60 or so of them) and lift weights.

    I basically just need any help I can get from any other people who do HIIT.

    Please talk to me on AIM at p8ntballa4864

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