HipHop Heads: Ugly Duckling

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by Jeff Merr, Jan 2, 2005.

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    Just spreading the word incase some of you have never heard of them. I been listening to Ugly Duckling a lot lately and im really into their style. Their beats are similar to J5 and their lyrics are crazy good, they have a similar sound to Tribe. Heres an example, check em out

    "Now Andy Cooper's gonna take you back
    To the planet, rock
    I used to produce hip-hop
    Poundin' rhythms with my hands on my school desk top
    'Till my teacher would make me stop
    I'd wait for recess
    Then I'd beat ? at a ?? contest
    At home I'd slide across my kitchen floor
    Doing moonwalks
    All I needed was my windbreaker and some new socks
    Not to mention the extension cord adapter
    To attatch a little radio that was my ghetto blaster
    I remember making my first songs, no sound board
    Just messin with the tape deck pressin record
    And Pause
    There were flaws in the tape and hiss
    But now I'm an Ugly Duckling and do it like this
    We take a beat in a rap
    And then delete it to track
    Then keep repeating it back
    'Till it's completed intact
    So that the people react
    Out of they seat and they clap
    From the petite to the fat
    On every street on the map
    So when my brother laughed and my dad said it was a fad
    I went into my room with a pen and a pad
    And wrote a little rap about my fat cat
    Now I'm the cat with the fat rap
    And I did it like that"
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    that drive thru song is okay but it's all i've heard from then.

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