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Discussion in 'On Topic' started by the Whoner, Aug 9, 2007.

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    I've had a good deal on my mind lately, as I've been feeling pretty empty lately. I came across Histrionic disorder from a song title, so I started reading about it and I was really intrigued in this.

    There were a couple things that really made me wonder, and the one thing was about taking relationships and making them much more intimate than they really are.... this is something I feel like I do with pretty much every attractive girl that I talk to. The other, was shallowness.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?

    Sometimes I get so worked up over the most trivial relationships that I play out the future in my head, and its almost with every attractive girl I meet. And as of late, it's been worse because not only do I play things out like that, then I sit back and think about how they will be different than every girl I've dated so far, and that change really scares me. I've got plenty of guy friends, and a few female friends... but the girls I'm friends with I keep thinking that it could turn into something. Oddly enough, any girl I am friends with, I am also attracted to them. If I'm not physically attracted to them, I feel awkward going out in public with them... like everyone thinks I'm with dating this unattractive person.

    Lately, I've just been afraid to talk to my friends, afraid to talk to women, afraid to ask anyone out, and I can't stop thinking about this girl that I thought would have been perfect for me, and of course, she had different ideas.

    Anyway, to spare the excessive details, I would like to know more about Histrionic disorders, and what I can do to put work/friend relationships with women in a legitimate perspective. I am in sales, so I do meet a lot of women, and it happens there too. So, any advice on helping me put things in perspective, would be much obliged. I appreciate anyone who has taken the time to read.
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    Or in other words, you worry too much. All the could have beens and should have beens are worthless, because they do not represent the reality that you currently are in. Why is there any reason to worry? You are the captain of your own ship, for every action there is a consequense reaction, its ok to steer away from bad reactions, but cowarding in fear off all that is to come is useless. The future will bring your death, since it is inevitable its useless to worry about it, its only worth trying to change the things in your life for the good that you can have some control over, but its meaningless to be fearfull over the things that you can't change, like natural disasters , or a woman walking out of your life because she doesn't like you anymore. What is needed in life, is not fear. Nothing can grow from fear, cast off your fear, go forward move forward, retreat and you will age, hesitate and you will die. Always go for Gold in your life, being afraid of life throwing some punches at you is useless because you WILL get hit, just like in a boxing game where life is your opponent its useless to be afraid of it, rather punch the hell out of your opponent which is life, if you are going to die anyway, then might as well die trying to make the most of it.

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