Hitler’s toilet seat to be auctioned


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Mar 14, 2000
Silicon Valley, CA USA
any Hitler doo doo stains on it ?

can you get his DNA off the seat and grow a new babby Hitler ?


It's a Nazi khazi! Toilet seat looted from Adolf Hitler's Bavarian retreat could fetch £15k at auction
  • US soldier looted Adolf Hitler's toilet seat from the dictator's private bathroom
  • Ragnvald Borch took it while at the Berghof, Hitler's retreat in the Bavarian Alps
  • The bizarre relic is expected to fetch £15,000 at auction in Maryland next week

One of the Second World War’s most bizarre relics – Adolf Hitler’s toilet seat – is going up for auction.

Expected to fetch £15,000, it was looted by a US soldier from the dictator’s private bathroom at the Berghof, his retreat in the Bavarian Alps.

Ragnvald Borch was told by senior officers to ‘get what you want’ from the Berghof, which had been badly damaged by Allied bombing in the last days of the war.

When asked by another soldier why he was carrying a toilet seat, Sergeant Borch replied: ‘Where do you think Hitler put his ass?’

He shipped it back from nearby Berchtesgaden to his family home in New Jersey where he put it on display in his basement.

His family is selling the seat at an auction in Chesapeake City, Maryland, next week with a guide price of £10,000-£15,000.

Bill Panagopulos of Alexander Auctions said it was ‘guaranteed to be one of the most eye-catching items one could ever add to a collection of World War Two relics’. ............................



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