Hollister Hills OHV

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    I went with a few friends to Hollister Hills OHV....

    Here are some pics from our day.

    Misc pics (Highlights include, driving up and down the Bonaza Gulch Trail thru the park, and rescuing a Toyota Truck on the obsticle course. He got high centered pretty good, with pretty much all four wheels off the ground. I used my Xterra to pull him out of his "Stuck" and send him on his way):


    We found this pit along the way. I tried to go in first, but I got high centered on this mound. The pics show exactly how my frame was resting on the ground. It took a little wiggling, but I managed to get out. My buddy in his 4runner made it thru with no problems. Mostly cause he took a different line than me, and he has an inch or two more ground clearance. Pics:


    Using the high speed sequential picture mode on my camera, we took some pics of me goign thru the water pit. It was probably about 10 inches deep (give or take):


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