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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by poetic_hustla, Mar 6, 2007.

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    I'm fairly new to this forum, and have been combing the threads for advice/tips but still have a few questions. I realize that the best setup is to pick out speakers/subwoofer/reciever yourself, but currently thats a little out of my budget. I read Ronin's sticky on putting together your own home audio system and htib setup, but that particular htib doesnt exist anymore... so here are a few of the questions I have:

    1.What are good htib's? What should I be looking for with each setup? Id like to keep the total cost around $1000

    2. Wiring... my house is currently under construction, and I'd like to have the wiring done while the house is being built. I am looking at 5.1 systems so I know I will need two wires from where the reciever is to the two rear speakers. But where do the wires need to come out at? near the ceiling pointing down or around standing level? What types of wires do I need? Do I need anything else?

    I know these are simple and stupid questions which im sure have been asked multiple times, but I didnt find the answers in any of the threads as of yet.

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