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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by MeanieMe, Feb 16, 2008.

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    My power supply kicked the bucked. The PCI (yes PCI) video car is on the fritz. Time for a new build :)

    Can some one shoot me some pointers on what's the best bang for the buck kinda builds. or have premades really improved? Sites please :)
    already looking into cyberpowerpc, newegg, dell....

    I use the PC for some 2D CAD, Homework involving SciLab (linear algebra) and all of office suite 07, Anime collection but haven't had the pleasure of HD yet, may even serve as a server for my few other home PC's if she can take it.

    want a decent videocard & the option with enough sockets for a 2nd one in the future, or should I go one single awesome card. Only 1 monitor but was planning a 32" upgrade with my 19" WS

    Is quad core worth the extra $$$?
    or spend the money on a killer dual core?

    have to start w/ 2gb of RAM maybe more if the price is right

    MB with enough sockets (how many is enough tho?)

    Case; I value performance over looks. not a fan of LEDs maybe nice solid metal case

    already have a good screen, 7.1 speakers(may need a card or built in), SATA 500gb HD (or upgrade from SATA) & fresh copy of Vista :) (yay! Jr. college classes qualify me for student price on software :) )

    Budget would need to reflect the PC. this last one I spend about $600 & lasted a solid 4 yrs. (guess I skimped on the PS :( )

    I would drop $800+ but it would need to be a killer PC :)

    or if there's a really nice base barebones $2-300 would be killer to spread out my spending & not go into debt for a PC :big grin:
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    pre-built systems are for casual users or those who have lots of money to waste.
    you either get cheap parts or overpriced quality parts.

    newegg is great but always shop around.

    SLI or xfire is worthless. A single next gen card always kicks its ass.

    quad core on video, dual core on gaming.
    Intel > AMD right now.

    RAM are cheap right now, but 2GB is enough for most apps.
    I recommend Corsair XMS2 DDR2 800

    Get a mobo with a P35 chipset.
    Select one that has the features you want and if it fits your budget.
    If you want to overclock, get an enthusiast board (Asus, Gigabyte, Abit, DFI).

    Lots of good cases out there. Browse newegg for what you need (e.g. # of drive bays, price, etc).
    Make sure you get one with good airflow. The Antec 900 for instance has lots of fans. It's ugly and has LEDs though.
    If you want quality,... get Lian-li or Silverstone.

    Dedicated sound card > onboard sound
    Get Seagate

    $800+ for a killer PC? :rofl:
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    Western MA
    thats more like it haha

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