GUN home-grown rocket recipes

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    These gems were passed down to me from my Dad when I was young. I’ve never forgotten about them because, well, this is the kind of thing that’s too awesome to forget.

    The CO2 Cartridge Rocket

    1. Take a used CO2 cartridge and make the pierced hole just big enough for a medium-sized wick. Use a small file or screwdriver.
    2. Now coarsely crush up a bunch of match heads. You don’t need a powder; you just have to be able to get the match head particles into the CO2 cartridge.
    3. Fill the cartridge. (Be sure to pack the match head material in pretty tightly; you’ll need as much explosive force as you can get!)
    4. Insert a wick into the hole just far enough to touch the match head powder and secure in place with a small piece of scotch tape if you need to.
    5. Find yourself a PVC pipe or metal tube a little bigger in diameter than the CO2 cartridge and 3 to 4 feet long.
    6. Get a cap for one end of the tube that will fit securely and snuggly.
    7. Insert the cartridge so the wick is close to the end of the pipe, then light the wick.
    8. Quickly cap the pipe, aim the pipe (preferably somewhere safe) and enjoy.
    9. If you want to be extra awesome, fashion handles and a shoulder mount so you can pretend you have a bazooka.

    The M80 Citrus Launcher

    1. Get a metal pipe large enough in diameter for an orange to fit into and 3 to 4 feet long.
    2. Bury one end of the pipe in the ground about 8 to 10 inches deep, or just enough so that the pipe is steady. (Or, if you prefer, make a mount for the pipe out of some other material and cap the bottom end of the pipe.) Use this opportunity to set up the angle at which you want the fruit debris to fly.
    3. Light an M80 and drop it into the pipe.
    4. Now drop an orange or any of your favorite fruit into the open end of the pipe.
    5. Stand back.

    Have some [safe] fun this holiday season!
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    Anyone bored enough to try this shit?

    I thought about getting a Golf Ball launcher for my AR one time.

    But a suppressor with standard ammo and clay pigeons on the hill side is funner and less of a PITA
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    I've looked at that too, but it seems like the novelty would go away pretty quick.

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