GUN Home owner kills home invader

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    Sounds like a pretty clean shoot(other then not getting them all) and its TX so their should be no charges :bigthumb:
    Police: 19-year-old killed in home invasion
    Three juveniles arrested


    Sunday, November 05, 2006

    A 19-year-old Longview man was fatally shot early Saturday morning by an elderly homeowner who awoke and confronted a group of intruders inside his home.

    Bradley Parrish, 19, was found dead about 200 feet from the 65-year-old homeowner's residence on Pliler Precise Road, north of Longview.

    According to Gregg County Sheriff Maxey Cerliano, sheriff's dispatchers received a call from the residence at 2:10 a.m. The homeowner, whose name has not yet been released, reported he had fired a weapon at the intruders and they fled from the home.

    Sheriff's deputies, Longview police officers and Texas state troopers arrived at the home, where they found Parrish's body in a wooded area near the property's driveway.

    Parrish was pronounced dead at the scene.

    A handgun was used in the shooting, and no other weapon is believed to have been involved.

    Within minutes, three juveniles, two boys and one girl ranging in age from 15 to 16 years old, were discovered at a nearby residence and charged with burglary of a habitation for their apparent participation in the home invasion.

    The juveniles, who Cerliano said possibly live in the neighborhood, are in custody at the Gregg County Detention Center.

    Parrish was listed with one conviction for terroristic threat on June 28.

    The homeowner voluntarily provided an affidavit detailing the incident. Evidence will be turned over to the Gregg County District Attorney's Office and submitted to the grand jury, officials said.

    Cerliano said evidence from the scene corresponds with the homeowner's account.

    "The evidence is quite clear. The suspect was shot well within the house," Cerliano said. "Multiple shots were fired, all within the house."

    Cerliano said the incident was a tragedy, but that it was important for homeowners to protect themselves.

    "Obviously, from our investigation, it centers on that they (the intruders) gained entry into a residence where they did not live. There was a lone occupant inside the house, and I think it was a surprise to the suspects," Cerliano said.

    The case has similarities with another home invasion shooting occurring little more than four months ago, Cerliano said.

    On June 19, an early morning break-in at a Parade of Homes residence in Northwest Longview left one teen dead, another hospitalized and a third in jail.

    Joseph Houghton, 15, of Hallsville was fatally shot and a 14-year-old boy was wounded after the homeowner confronted three youths during a burglary on Camille Drive, east of Gilmer Road.

    With the break-ins occurring within months of one another, several area homeowners said they plan to become more aware of their surroundings.

    Deanna McAdams, 31, of Longview said she heard sirens Saturday morning, but did not think much about it until later.

    "It's definitely unnerving, but my feelings are you don't need to be there if it is not your home. Now, I will probably triple-check my doors and windows," McAdams said.

    Another neighbor, Elizabeth Pricer, 62, of Longview said she had seen a group of two teenage boys and a teenage girl walking the streets during the last couple of months, but now would be much more concerned about anyone she did not recognize.

    "I was not concerned at all before, but now plan to put more security lights up," Pricer said. "I have always felt safe here; but since this happened, I really don't feel safe anymore."
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    LA. State, not City.
    fucking kids these days...
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    Care to share any stories?

    When I was in military school 3 8th graders held down and sodomized a 6th grader with a broomstick. The 3 8th graders I think were expelled and arrested and the 6th grader disappeared for 3 months or so. I think he went to a nut hut. I think that's the craziest thing I've heard kids doing.

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