Home security systems? A joke? Worth it? Which one?

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by titleist123, Jul 17, 2003.

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    just got a new job that's going to make me travel like crazy. So, in essence, my pint-size condo is going to be left ungaurded by all of my 140 lbs. I've been thinking about getting a monitored home security system like ADT or Brinks installed. What do you all think about this stuff? I've got no experience in this domain, so any insights are totally appreciated. Also, some other companies would be cool - even local to Austin, TX.


    Oh yeah, I've got insurance on the place, so I'm not too too paranoid about losing everything - though the $500 deductable sucks. I'm most worried about someone jacking personal stuff - computer hard drive, documents, etc.


    just finda nice reputable SMALLER sec company and stick with brands like Caddex or Ademco etc.. Dont go to ADT and get their "FREE" pos that also requires a 1341234 month contract.. figure spending about 500-1000 and then around 20 a month for monitoring
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    shit, ADT is one of the best out there. I install for about 7-8 different companys and ADT has the best monitoring out there. Ademco's stuff is garage. Go with any equipment from the GE Interlogix line. The best one thou is the ADT Concord. Its alittle pricy but worth it.

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