Home stereo (surround sound) question (with pics!)

Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by TopGun113, Dec 28, 2003.

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    have a DVD/VCR combo, which supports 5.1 surround sound, but only via a digital coaxial out port.

    My surround sound stereo only has RCA inputs for analog 5.1 surround.

    Is there some kind of digital decoder I can get to take the digital coax input and change it to analog RCA outputs?

    If that's not possible, I just have to get a DVD player with analog outputs, correct?
    These two are the back of my DVD player.

    This is the back of the stereo receiver.
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    Yes, you can either get a dvd player that has analog 5.1 outputs, OR buy an external decoder. From what I have seen, the external decoders cost WAAAY TOOO much money, so you would probably be better off just buying a new dvd player.
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    Aug 8, 2003
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    or new rec.
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    There's no digital audio input on the receiver? What kind of receiver is that anyway? I've never seen one before that has dedicated 5.1 analog inputs but didn't have a digital audio input.
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    Well, I just noticed I didn't look very well at those pictures. Both your dvd player and shelf system have digital audio outputs and inputs respectively. Unfortunatly the dvd player only has coaxial digital output, and the shelf system only has toslink optical inputs. So you could buy an adaptor like this:


    But its going to cost around 30 dollars after you factor in shipping.
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    good luck finding a dvd player with 5.1 analog inputs. The only ones I have seen are on dvd players that support SACD.

    get a new receiver.

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