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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by cracka., Sep 13, 2007.

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    So a basic overview of this whole things begins with some friends and myself renting out this place near campus. Basically it will be a big party house. Now one of the ideas I had was to simply do this... One of the rooms would be great for a projector, now heres where it gets complicated, I want to wire the projector to my computer which will be upstairs, for a multitude of reasons, for one, during parties I could setup music vids to play constantly, and heres the other portion of this idea, setup 2 sound system setups, the first being a theater type system in the projector room, or I can switch it to the full house mode where it will play music throughout the house. A few questions arise, I know basics to wiring all this shit up, but heres the problem, lets say I wire it to my computer, what kind of interface am I looking at here, the next question would be how do I power all these speakers since I'm guessing my computer will never be able to power an assload of speakers. And finally, how do I go about putting together 2 systems, someone suggest I just make a basic switch in the line and that just turns it on and off.

    So if you have any idea / knowledge on making this work let me know.

    If you also have any good recommendations on projectors and any other equipment I need, let me know also, were looking to use average to middle of the road stuff, a lot of stuff we already have like speakers and such.

    Thanks :x:
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    Bump for anyone who hasn't seen it yet and cares to help a fellow OT'er out.
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    Well...what your looking for is doable, but how much do you want to spend. You can get a decent projector for $1k - $2k....but you also need to buy a screen to get a decent picture. Sure you can paint one on the wall or use some other ghetto method, but realistically a matched projector and screen will shit all over painted setups.

    As far as the home theater 2 zone setup. You can get a receiver from Yamah or Denon that supports 2 zones. The main zone is obviously the projector room with the 5.1 setup. Zone 2 will be the other room...now depending how many speakers you want in zone two you may need a speaker selector switch which will allow you to run 2-6 pairs of speakers....this is not the best method, but it will work for what you're looking to do.

    As far as interfacing, just run a vga cable from your pc to the projector. For sound just run a digital connection from the sound card if possible to the receiver...if not you can run a stereo rca connection since you'll most likely be using 2 channel music.

    A budget would help for product recommendation.
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    Alright, basically, were going for a fairly good used projector since thats the most expensive portion of our spendings, as far projection goes, were going to go ghetto with a pinned white sheet on the wall for now, once we get enough money well buy a big projection screen to pin up on the wall. As far as speaker system goes, will the quality be good enough to run multiple zones without much degradation from cable length and things like that, plus it sounds like I'll be splitting it correct?
    Edit: Max spending 1.5k, can possibly upgrade stuff later, just need a good solid base system right now, to get things off the ground, will invest more later.
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    for 1.5k go buy some bookshelf systems and cds
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    If you want to hard wire the setup, any standard selector-switch type of box
    can send out mulitiple signals.
    I've got an older Recoton switch that I use to switch gaming systems.
    Cheap, plus they work well.

    You just need a 1/8" adaptor to rca cable to get to the box.
    From there, you would run whatever length rca cables that you need to.
    Some of the guys in this forum can tell link you good vendors from here
    that have dirt cheap prices on good cables.

    I found this rule of thumb guide for maximum cable length from RadioShack.


    Or you could just use plain-old wireless speakers, and avoid the problem.
    All the cables and adaptors and recievers that you would need would cost
    as much or more as going wireless.

    You can get a Logitech wireless adaptor for $41, that would let you use any
    2.1 set of speakers wirelessly. You could even carry the speakers to whichever room you're entertaining in without too much fuss. Or you could buy a couple of pairs of speakers,
    and just swap the wireless reciever. Or even buy two wireless recievers.

    Add that to a pair of Klipsh ProMedia 2.1 speakers for $134 shipped, and you would have
    a decent sound setup on the cheap. It's not exactly home theater, but Klipsch speakers
    do play fairly loud.


    You can obviously bump up to higher output levels for more money.
    Dedicated speakers with recievers will cost a lot more though.
    But they would run off of the Logitech wireless transmitter.

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