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Discussion in 'OT Technology' started by cypha12, Jul 24, 2002.

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    I have $3k to spend on a display. The room where it will go in is about 13ftx13ft. The wall is 15ft from floor to ceiling. I'm guessing the viewing distance will be about 9ft. Viewing angle is very important since some folk will be watching from the side. There will be some light entering the room since two windows above the main windows lack curtains. What do ya'll recommend for this setup: a projector, rear projector display, or direct display unit?

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    With a room without complete light control I think a RPTV is the best way to go. Room would be a little too bright for a projector. I have no light control in my "theater room" so I can't use my CRT projector during the day (or early evening in the Spring/Summer). CRT's just aren't bright enough (I have 8" CRT's). I have some light control upstairs in our retreat, where I use an old LCD projector for games and I get a decent picture with all the blinds up but it's too washed out for serious viewing. But if you do choose a projector you should look into LCD's or DLP's. The PianoPlus DLP proj. retails for $3k. Also check out the website below, they have classifieds with great deals on used projectors.

    With a viewing distance of 9ft a good sized RPTV >45" would give you a great picture once you calibrate it with a good viewing angle. My guess is 13 ft wide would give you room for one couch and some room or two love seats, right? That shouldn't present too much of a viewing angle problem, I think.

    You should visit www.avsforum.com They have some great video people there.

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    Oh, btw, at 9ft the pixel structure on a LCD projector sucks big time. On a DLP it's not as bad. You can check out that forum and acutually learn how to make your own screen and save some money. Screens specially made for LCD's and DLP's can run into the thousands. Homemade ones cost less that $200.

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    Heh, I've been a member of AVS for a while. I'm mainly on their HTPC forum. Anyways, I just wanted to limit myself to just one display type and start using the forums from there. It seems the projector may not be the route for me because of light control.

    The room is a combination of dinning and living room. Width wise is 13ft but it is long since the dinning room is right next to it. 9 ft is what I'm guessin I'd get with the couch and all. Viewing angle is important since people in the dinning area would watch, too.

    Would a 65" RPTV be overkill in my limited space? I was lookin at a Toshiba 65H82 .
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    The HTPC area is where all the brilliant computer people hang. They've got some bright guys there.

    I'm a firm believer in "nothing is overkill". In your space I think a 65" would be about 2ft or so in its depth? Add 6 inches to a foot of space or cables and your looking at a tv that would stick out about 2-3ft. So your viewing distance would about 7-8ft. You'd be a little close but I think it would be ok. Plus I don't think you'd have to deal with viewing angle as much.

    Best of luck,

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