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    Intruder fatally shot
    Fatality third in Escambia since 'Stand Your Ground' law passed

    Amy Sowder

    Law enforcement and attorneys say the local nurse who fatally shot an intruder at her Navy Point home Saturday would have been protected by state law before the “Stand Your Ground” law passed.

    Rhonda Eubanks, 57, a Baptist Hospital nurse, was alone at her home on the 100 block of N.W. Gilliland Road, in a neighborhood southwest of Sunset Avenue, Sgt. Mike Ward said Tuesday.

    The woman used a .38-caliber handgun to shoot Vincent Demond Wesley, 29, of Pensacola, in the head as he charged toward her, Ward said. Investigators have no evidence that Eubanks had any formal training in shooting a firearm.

    Assistant State Attorney David Rimmer was at the scene Saturday and saw the location of the body of the intruder, Vincent Demond Wesley, 29, of Pensacola.

    “Preliminarily, it looks like a justifiable shooting,” he said. “He was laying face-down, under the carport, only a few feet from her door.

    "His head was closest to the door.”

    Early evidence indicates that he was shot in the head approaching the woman’s front door, Rimmer said.

    The woman was alone at her home -- a mauve-shuttered house with a manicured lawn -- about 7:45 p.m. Saturday when Wesley twice tried to enter her house, Escambia deputies said.

    By the second attempt, she was armed and ready.

    "It's pretty crazy," said Sgt. Mike Ward, a Sheriff's Office spokesman. "(She) shot and killed the intruder."

    Deputies are not releasing the woman's name in order to protect her.

    However, through neighborhood interviews, investigators have pieced together a series of events that ended with Wesley's death outside the house on the 100 block of N.W. Gilliland Road near Jardine Road. The neighborhood is southwest of Sunset Avenue.

    Starting about 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Wesley argued with someone whom investigators and neighbors could not identify.

    Neighbor Debbie Palmer, 27, said she heard a gunshot as she was eating spaghetti at her neighbor's apartment on Jardine Road, which is next door to Wesley's apartment.

    Before the gunfire, she heard someone beating on the shared wall and throwing items.

    About 7:45 p.m., Wesley entered the backyard of the N.W. Gilliland Road home, deputies said in a report.

    Wesley attempted to enter the home, startling the woman. Then he left and attempted to carjack a vehicle driving past the house, the report stated.

    Neighbors confirmed that scenario, saying Wesley attempted to steal several empty vehicles before the attempted carjacking.

    "I believe he got what he had coming to him," Palmer said. "He had no right to steal anybody's vehicle or anything."

    When the carjacking didn't work, Wesley returned to the Gilliland Road home and began charging at the woman, who had retrieved a firearm, the sheriff's report stated.

    Fearing for her safety, the woman shot him dead.

    The shooting death is the third of this type in Escambia County since the "Stand Your Ground" law was passed Oct. 1, Ward said.

    The Florida statute -- the first of its kind in the United States -- allows the use of deadly force when a person reasonably believes it's necessary to prevent the commission of a "forcible felony."

    Richard Piovesan, 44, of Pensacola died in a shooting on Oct. 12, which was 11 days after the law passed. He was shot following an argument with a neighbor over money and a piece of wood.

    Tyrone Fyoungious Preyer, 29, of Pensacola died in March by gunfire as he broke into an occupied home.

    The most recent event has at least one neighbor thinking about protecting himself.

    Since March, Charles Robbins, 50, has resided across the street from Saturday's shooting.

    "I've been considering buying a gun ever since I moved here," Robbins said. "This kind of tilts it in that direction. I've had my eye on a .45 (caliber handgun) in a pawn shop."
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    Feenicks, Az
    it would be great to start seeing more stories like this.
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    Near Dallas, Texas
    Wait, what?
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    :rofl: such irresponsible people in the media.
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    Awesome story. That sucks that the newspaper would let that slip though.
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    I doubt it was a slip. The reporter would first try to get the info from police and then when it wasn't released, would find it out other ways. So he already knew that her name wasn't being released and went around them to find it.

    that wasn't careless, that is an asshole reporter caring more about putting her name out than caring about her safety.
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    I saw that too. wtf?

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