GUN homeowner shoots cop no charges

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    Pretty suprising considering its in a commie state..

    SHREWSBURY— A police officer was shot in the abdomen by a homeowner early today while responding to a burglar alarm.

    According to police, Officer Stephen Rice, 25, whose one-year anniversary of joining the Shrewsbury Police Department is next week, is in stable condition at University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center’s University Campus in Worcester after surgery for the gunshot wound.

    The officer responded to a burglar alarm about 2:30 a.m. Friday with another officer, Ryan Chartrand, and was shot by the homeowner, 39-year-old Mark P. Ragsdale, after entering the house and reaching the second floor.

    The two officers had been let into the home at 17A Farmington Drive by a neighbor after searching outside the residence, Police Chief A. Wayne Sampson said at a press conference.

    The neighbor, who had a key and was on the alarm company list of persons to notify regarding the residence, told police Mr. Ragsdale was on vacation and that the home should be empty, Chief Sampson said.

    Unbeknown to police, however, Mr. Ragsdale, who is president and chief executive officer of Ragsdale Motor Group and whose family owns auto dealerships in Shrewsbury and Spencer, had reportedly come home and set off the alarm.

    Chief Sampson said the officers, who were in full uniform and arrived in a marked cruiser, noticed a dim light on the second floor and saw a shadowy figure.

    They entered the home to search the interior and Officer Rice was shot by Mr. Ragsdale, who was alone in the home, as he reached the second floor.

    According to the chief, Officer Rice was shot with a Smith & Wesson semi-automatic handgun. Mr. Ragsdale is properly licensed to carry firearms in the state, according to police.

    Chief Sampson said Mr. Ragsdale was not taken into custody and has not been charged with any crime, but made a statement at the scene.

    “He was very upset about the circumstances,” the chief said.

    Mr. Ragsdale had been at several locations during the day before arriving home, but Chief Sampson said he could not disclose where Mr. Ragsdale went because the investigation by Shrewsbury police and state police assigned to District Attorney John J. Conte’s office is still ongoing.

    According to the chief, Mr. Ragsdale told the alarm company that he set off the alarm, but the alarm company did not notify police. Chief Sampson said he did not know the name of the alarm company.

    The chief said he had spoken with Officer Rice, a single life-long resident of town who lives with his parents, and that he is doing well. Seeming upset, Chief Sampson paused while saying, “He was just concerned about the other officers.”

    “He is with his family and his fellow officers,” Assistant Town Manager Michael R. Hale said at the press conference.

    The chief said the department has contacted its employee assistance program and that the other officers are doing well.

    “We don’t want this to happen to anybody,” he said. “We’re here to protect the community.”

    Chief Sampson said the department will review protocols used during such incidents, but that different situations are handled in various ways.

    In this case, the officers did not announce who they were and that they were entering the home. Chief Sampson said such an announcement could be useful in certain circumstances but could also give away an officer’s tactical advantage depending on the situation.

    “These are decisions police officers make every day,” he said. “The officers used the appropriate discretion.”

    The last time a Shrewsbury police officer was shot in the line of duty was
    in 1975, according to Chief Sampson. Patrolman James Lonchiadis was shot
    and killed by a 16-year-old who was attempting to steal a car.
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    Guns should be banned to protect the police :hsugh:
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    Its because he is well to do money wise. the cops broke into somebodys house here on a false squating call, and unloaded there service weapons on somebody holding there glasses case.

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