GUN Homeowner Shoots Three In Alleged Home Invasion

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    Homeowner Shoots Three In Alleged Home Invasion
    One Killed, Two Injured In Shooting
    POSTED: 7:24 am CDT September 24, 2008
    KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Three people were shot early Wednesday morning by a homeowner who said the men were home invaders, police said.

    Police canvassed several blocks around the house near East 39th Terrace and Quincy Avenue after the call came in that a person was down in the street.

    That man had been shot in the leg.

    Because it was a busy night of crime for the police department, detectives from other units were called in to help the homicide detectives investigate the shooting that killed one man and wounded the two others.

    As they searched the area further, they found a man dead down the block on Quincy Avenue. Investigators said a gun was found near his body.

    While officers were investigating, they were contacted by the father of the man who lives in the house in the 5000 block of East 39th Terrace. The man told officers his son had shot three men trying to break into his son's house.

    Police said a man showed up at an area hospital, grazed by a bullet. He is being questioned by police as a possible third suspect in the attempted home invasion.

    The homeowner's family, including their two small children, were not hurt.
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    should've killed the 3rd guy! Now he's prob gonna sue and win

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