Hoods and Exterior Styling Issues.

Discussion in 'That'll Buff Right Out' started by Two Tire Fire, May 23, 2002.

  1. Okay guys, I have been rolling this decision around all week.

    Hoods; this is the flat surface where your paint job really stands out at a show. People come over and look at their reflection in it, and often times an ignorant bastard will even run his hand along it. This is one place where your finish must be superb.

    So here is the deal... I currently have a J-key fiberglass hood that is of such crappy quality and design that it detracts from the fine finish I have worked so hard on. The scoop is real nifty for exterior styling purposes but it serves no real function and it definately creates an issue with cleaning. It also allows water to enter my highly detailed engine bay making me have to polish water spots off.

    My choice is to return to a stock steel hood for $90, and lay flawless red paint on it or buy a better quality fiblerglass hood for $489. This is where I would like some opinions; What do you find more apealing, the styling of a hood or the finish on it?
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    Definately the finish, but I'm a Show and Shine freak, though. My opinion is a bit biased. ;)
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    The finish and the styling both mean alot, i personally think it dosn't matter what hood you got, it how it comes out in the end. good luck

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