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Discussion in 'Lifestyle' started by mach-zero, Apr 11, 2003.

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    sup ppl.

    this is a digital cam/computer question actually. I am trying to take a picture of my computer screen, when i have a .jpg photo showing.

    but the monitor has the darker horizontal lines, that are from refreshing, i believe. i've messed with the screen resolution and refresh rate, but i can't get rid of the lines well enough to take decent photos.

    any hope?
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    i have not seen any real method for extracting those lines. i think it is just something you will see when you take that photo. you could zoom out as much as possible, which may help.

    or if you were handy with photoshop, you could simply take a picture of the monitor (turned off), hit print screen with the screen shot you want and then photoshop that onto the monitor photo.
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    Why don't you just take a screen shot and save it as a jpg?
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    Use a longer exposure time, i.e. around 1/4 sec. Obviously a tripod is a must. You may also have to use a nutural density filter as well.


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